Xantrex PROwatt SW 1000 DC-to-AC Power Inverter Review

No one likes the idea of being stuck somewhere without power. Whether you need an inverter for your business or you’d just like to have one in case something goes wrong, your ideal product is still the same: powerful, convenient and affordable. For that, the PROwatt SW 1000 DC-to-AC Power Inverter should fit the bill perfectly. PROwatt is a reputable name in the industry that has long-since been making better products than most. With this particular inverter, you’ll see just why this company has become so popular with people who need portable electricity.

Watt Size

One thing this unit does not lack is power. A lot of units come with boats of supporting 1,000 watts, but when it comes time to test them, we noticed that you quickly find out otherwise. If you’ve been in the market for an inverter for a while, you may have all but sworn them off. But try putting this one up next to any other brand name 1,000 want inverter you may own and you’ll know this is the real deal at last. Plus, you have a surge rating good for 2,000 watts of pure sine POWER!

It gives out 124 volts and will do so consistently, so whatever you’re powering gets to keep on being powered without skipping a beat.

With this unit, you can power anything from a tube TV (if you still have one!) to a refrigerator and plenty of devices in between.


Like any inverter, this one will need ventilation while it’s working. However, it’s otherwise as quiet as can be and never gets so hot that you wouldn’t be able to touch it. So not only are you getting plenty of power from this compact unit, you’re getting it in a safe and convenient way (the lack of sound is especially nice if you want to use it at a campsite in the dead of night).

At only about 9 inches by 13 inches and 3.5 inches thick, the PROwatt SW 1000 DC-to-AC Power Inverter may provide a lot of electricity, but you’d never know from its diminutive size. This makes traveling with it a breeze and, even better, you can just leave it in your vehicle at all times. Weighing in at just 9.6 pounds, it’s not like bringing it somewhere is going to be a lot of work either.

It comes with two outlets, so you can power at least as many devices at the same time (but be smart, don’t try to power two energy sucking appliances simultaneously). Right next to them is a digital readout that also makes it easy to know exactly where you stand in terms of power.


On Amazon, this inverter retails for just about $250 with free shipping. That’s a steal for such a great inverter, especially when you consider that many similar units go for at least $100+ more.


So whether you want to be prepared if the power goes out or you’d like to take a camping trip and bring some electrical appliances with you, the PROwatt SW 1000 DC-to-AC Power Inverter will not disappoint. Plus, at the price quoted here, you’ll have plenty left over for other gadgets.

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  1. Only runs @ 900W, not 1000W

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