Sunforce 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review

Sunforce 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review

If you’re into alternative energy sources such as solar power, you might know that it’s fairly common for the smaller, portable solar panels to use 12-volt batteries in order to hold a charge. The main issue with this, however, is that a 12-volt battery cannot be directly used for a lot of common electronics, especially since it’s a DC power source. Fortunately, there are power inverters you can buy that will allow you to plug in anything you want while using a 12-volt battery as a power source.

The Sunforce 11240 in particular plugs into a 12-volt battery and lets you attach two different devices through its standard electrical outlets. If you combine it with a portable solar panel, you can have a renewable energy source even on the go.

Watt Size

A nice thing about this Sunforce inverter is that it outputs 1,000 watts of continuous power, making it appropriate for most home appliances, computers, electronics, and entertainment systems. This means that it’s especially useful for emergency situations, either in a power outage or out in the middle of nowhere. The unit also provides 2,000 watts of surge power.


Something that makes this inverter stand out is its pure sine wave output. What a lot of the cheaper inverters do is digitally approximate a sine wave, leading to less-than-clean power output that could potentially damage your more sensitive electronics.

With pure sine wave output, power output ends up being far more stable, allowing it to be used even for computers, where power fluctuations are a great risk to system stability. It can also cause other kinds of electronics to behave erratically. For example, the picture on a TV might be a little bit snowy or wavy, or your clocks may lose time.


The price is one area where this inverter absolutely shines. At a modest cost, it’s probably one of the cheaper pure sine wave inverters you can get; a very small price to pay for stable, continuous power at 1,000 watts.

All that said, it’s certainly not the absolute cheapest inverter you can buy. If you don’t care about stable power output, you can find inverter units for less than $100. Otherwise, for pure sine wave output, this Sunforce inverter is on the lower end of price spectrum. Other inverters on the market can cost as much as $400 and up while not offering much of a difference over a $185 unit.


Across the board, the Sunforce 11240 is one of the best values you can find when it comes to pure sine wave inverters. It can power a wide variety of electronics, big and small, and do so with no fluctuations in power. The only thing that can cause the power to become unstable is if the battery needs to be charged, which is where a portable solar panel can come in. To that end, this inverter is best paired with a charge controller of some kind. It can be a wise investment to make for the sake of having power wherever you go. We give this pure sine wave inverter an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Sunforce 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
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