Spartan Power 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power

The thought of lacking power when out on a road tour is something every one of us dreads. Therefore, it is for this reason that having an inverter is vital; thus when choosing one, you should opt for one that is convenient, powerful but still inexpensive. It is for that reason that we are going to take you through the 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter by Spartan Power. Consequently, you will get to realize why this product has such great reviews and why it would also be perfect inverter for you.


Incorporated in this inverter are twin cooling fans that are thermally controlled. Usually, these fans are beneficial as they guarantee that this inverter never overheats whenever you are operating it and subsequently cause a fall in its overall performance.

There is an LCD remote inverter switch which displays vital information such as the VAC, Hz, load, as well as the current DC voltage. It is quite convenient as this information allows you to gauge the performance of the inverter and in case of an anomaly, you get to know in advance hence take the necessary action. Likewise, its performance is always optimal therefore making this equipment very reliable.

It changes a 12V 1000 Watt continuous output power with a surge capability of 2000 Watts pure sine wave to AC power inverter thus perfect for powering all your appliances. It includes your phone, TV, satellite, tablet, gaming system, freezer, refrigerator among others that are inside your truck, RV, car, boat, or tractor. Thus, with this dependable inverter, you always will have the power to run all your appliances, although not concurrently.

It integrates protection and safety features which features notifications like overload indicator, battery low voltage shutdown at 9.5V, high input voltage protection that has an automatic shutdown, and short circuit protection.

Also, it features internal blade fuse protection which includes spares plus its dimensions are 12.5” x 6.5”x 3.5” (L x W x H) and a weight of 5.9 pounds.

Finally, featured in this Spartan Power inverter are DC input terminals which enable you to connect and disconnect the cables from this inverter conveniently. This further aids in making the installation process very easy.


Installing this unit thereby does not necessitate you to go through guideline manuals which often can be very confusing especially if you are less proficient with using these machines.

Moreover, if you reside in the US, you are guaranteed tech support which is quite convenient especially if you experience any troubles during the installation of this inverter.

Price and Warranty

This inverter is inexpensive yet still delivers a remarkable performance. Therefore, by purchasing it, you will be making a smart investment, particularly when you consider the outstanding value which it offers you.

It comes with a two-year warranty and this evidence how much the company has confidence in the quality of its product delivering optimal performance for an extended period.


If you are searching for an inverter, the Spartan Power 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is an excellent option because it offers you an optimum performance plus you do not have to pay a premium for it. So, deciding to purchase it is a prudent decision and one that you will never regret in future

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Spartan Power 1000 Watt

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