Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Size Comparison Table

Wondering what size inverter would be best for you? First, decide what you need it for and then take a look at this table!

**Disclaimer: These are just estimates. Your electronics or devices may differ. It is important to look at the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to determine which power size is needed to run your electronic/device**

Power Size (continuous) Recommended Use
10 watts- Radio
- Cell phone
120 watts- Two 60-Watt light bulbs
- Ceiling fan
300 watts- Computer
- Other small electronics (small TVs)
- Small power tools like a drill
600 watts- Xbox
- Large TV
1000 watts- Printer
- Iron
- Shop vac
1500 watts- Microwave
- Small appliances
- Hair dryer
- Vacuum cleaner
2000 watts - Home emergency back-up
(Great for cars and most appliances)
- Table saw
- Hammer drill
3000 watts- Generator
- Air compressor
- Electric chain saw

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  • Norman Smith says:

    Does a pure sine wave inverter handle motor starting loads better than modified sine wave? Or perhaps does a better quality unit? I bought what I thought was a decent 2000 watt modified wave unit and it wouldn’t even power my small (1 gallon) shop vac which the label said draws 3.5 amps (ie. about 420 watts). I thought 2000 watts was plenty of margin for startup load but the inverter kicked offline every time I turned it on.

    According to your chart a 1000 watt unit should suffice for a shop vac. Is that true?


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