KRIËGER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter

Everyone in this generation is so used to power such that the thought of not having power causes chills all over your bodies. However, thanks to inverters, this is a problem which you need not worry about during such scenarios. Therefore, if you are looking for an inverter which offers you with optimal performance, is affordable and convenient, then the KRIËGER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter is the perfect pick for you. After you get to use it, you definitely will understand the reason for its popularity among people who usually require portable electricity.


This inverter transforms12V DC to 120V AC power and all you need to do is to directly connect its DC battery cables to your car’s battery to have power. Also, it has a peak power of 4000 Watts and continuous AC output power of 2000W. METLAB has tested, authenticated and approved this inverter both for safety and performance with this sufficient proof of it is exceptional quality and further validates our view about ratings of this inverter. Furthermore, it is MET approved under CSA std C22.2 and UL std 458; therefore, this inverter guarantees you that you always will have power whenever you require it.

Integrated into its design is an LCD which shows temperature shutdown, input voltage display or output wattage, battery level, as well as a warning indicator showing low voltage, high voltage, and voltage overload.  It allows you to monitor the inverter while it is operating quickly, so whenever there is an irregularity, you get to know of this immediately.

Present on this inverter is 2 x 2.1A USB charging ports, an ultra-quiet thermal fan, three feet battery cables, ANL fuse, and two standard North American AC outlets.

It features an ON/OFF remote switch which is very useful as it allows you to turn the inverter on and off without having to go outside to switch it off. Thus, it saves you the hassle of having to locate a switch which could comfortably handle the load.

Its build quality is impressive plus has dimensions of 2.72”x 10.98”x 5.59” (H x L x W), and weighs 9.7 pounds. Thus, its size is ideal despite it somewhat bigger in comparison to other inverters, but it guarantees you excellent durability.


The installation of this inverter is easy as it only requires you to connect the wires directly to its labeled input and output ports. Additionally, it comes with a complete installation kit that includes a remote, fuse and cables further making its installation very convenient.

Price and Warranty

The cost of this inverter is excellent especially when you factor in the exceptional quality which it offers you for an extended duration. Therefore, you get maximum value for your smart decision to purchase it.

Furthermore, this equipment has a 3-year labor and parts warranty, and the company’s belief in this unit is adequate proof of its remarkable quality.


Therefore, if you take electrical appliances with you when out touring, or are cautious in case of a power outage, the KRIËGER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter is an excellent choice. Likewise, it offers you with incredible value for its price as it will serve you for a lengthy duration.

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KRIËGER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter

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