GoWISE Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Model PS1005)

Power inverters transform low-voltage direct current (DC) to standard household alternating current (AC) and are vital in ensuring all your electrical equipment and household machine are powered. The GoWISE Power PS1005 Pure SINE Wave Inverter does this remarkably and with this you never have to worry of instances when you lack power while still offering you portability and affordability.


This pure sine inverter usually takes DC power then consequently converts that into AC power. Therefore, you can use this power inverter when there are power failure emergencies, during camping as well as in cars and other vessels. Usually, pure sine inverters feature an output voltage of AC 120V, a frequency of 60Hz and a stable source of power of 1500W power source plus 3000W surge protector power with low harmonic distortion. Consequently, this makes this machine has enough power to run any of your electrical gadgets whenever there is an emergency power failure while still ensuring maximum efficiency thanks to sensitive equipment, computers and more.
There are additional safety features integrated into this power inverter and this includes a five kinds of protection systems, that is, under voltage protection, overload protection, thermal protection, over voltage protection, and low voltage protection alarm. Likewise, featured too ate over voltage protection (16V) and under voltage protection (10V).

Its design is both compact and portable. Therefore, you can make use of this power inverter conveniently on vehicles, boats, worksites, permanent use or camping making it both reliable and practical.

Included together with this inverter are a starter pack of cables as well as a 15 feet wired remote. This remote switch is very convenient as it allows you to turn the inverter either on or off especially because the carrying around the inverter with you is not practical. This inverter incorporates an on/off switch which is very convenient. After turning it on, this machines offers you with adequate power which is enough to run all the machines you are running while still being efficient on its power consumption.
It features a solar setup which performs excellently as it still does offer you with sufficient amount of power to run all your appliances, be it your induction cooker, television, computer among many others. Nevertheless, you need to take note that powering all these electrical gadgets does not happen simultaneously.

Usually, this inverter has two sides, that is, side A and side B. Side B has the positive/negative ports and fans whereas side A has a USB port (5V & 1A), LED protection indicator, wired remote port and a switch. Furthermore, it features a warning beep which is applicable for numerous uses hence ensuring your inverter is only supplying an adequate amount of power to your appliances. Subsequently, prevents the inverter from causing damage to any electronic while still using power efficiently.

The LED protection indicator is especially crucial as it produces a warning beep whenever there is an issue thereby notifying you notifies you in advance hence you get to immediately take action to address the problem. Furthermore, the temperature controlling fans ensure that the inverter never gets to hot which might consequently hamper its performance.


So, if you have been thinking of getting a power inverter, you need to consider getting the GoWISE Power PS1005 Pure SINE Wave Inverter. Consequently, you always will get optimum performance which is particularly vital to ensure you always are have power to operate all your electrical appliances.

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GoWISE (Model PS1005)

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