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Running a Power Inverter on a Car Battery

How Long Will Your Power Inverter Last You? Power inverters are great tools that take a direct current (DC) and turn it into a conventional alternate current (AC). Power inverters come in an assortment of various sizes and power output. When you’re shopping for one, it’s incredibly important that you know exactly what you’re going... Read More »

The Need for Power Inverters

In today’s world, we are constantly plugging in more and more electronic devices into sockets, and using more and more power. Some of these devices are rechargeable, and can be used independently – for a short time, at least. But at some point, you’re going to have to give it some more juice. This is... Read More »

Using a Power Inverter for Emergency Home Backup Power

Power inverters are used for a plethora of things, such as camping trips, RV’s, mobile homes, etc. But easily the most popular is using it as an emergency power source. You never know when an emergency might hit, and several locations around the United States have seasons where you are more likely to experience a... Read More »

Power Inverter Safety Tips

Improper use of a power inverter can turn your good day into a bad one pretty quickly. It only takes 110 volts of electricity to be lethal, and the majority of the devices an inverter powers use at least that. So, to make sure you’re prepared to make good use of your inverter, we’ve come... Read More »

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Size Comparison Table

Wondering what size inverter would be best for you? First, decide what you need it for and then take a look at this table! **Disclaimer: These are just estimates. Your electronics or devices may differ. It is important to look at the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to determine which power size is needed... Read More »